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Welcome to the IU Information Environment

The IUIE is designed for operational reporting against university data according to a department's specific business needs. The core of the IUIE is the Master Catalog which contains an index of all report objects published in the IUIE. Within My Catalog, users can create a customized catalog containing shortcuts to frequently-used report objects. These shortcuts can be filed in user-created folders and subfolders that can be labeled and organized as needed.

Other IUIE features include personalization of the application and e-mail notification settings. Users can also save report object parameters and schedule report object runs.

We recognize that reporting is vital to fulfilling business needs. Any suggestions for improving the content should be directed to the contact person for reporting in your department.

The DSS Team would appreciate feedback on how to improve and augment the IUIE. Please contact us with any suggestions for improving the application by clicking on "Help" in the top right corner to find out how to contact us.

The Decision Support Services Team